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My Wishes

Topic: My WishesEveryone of you have some fondest and longing wishes. Here you got possibility to write them and send to universe. The best presupposition to fullfillment such wishes is, to deal them light and more unconcerned. you just need to type them here and get managed and we will look to send them in universum [:)]

Magic Fantasy

Topic: Magic FantasyDidn't you ever wonder, How David Copperfield manage some of his Illusions ?.. Well we can't tell you, how he manage this but You will find here most mysterious , curiosities und delusious aspect, those will make you baffle!

Just watch this out you would like it.

Add & Share Jokes

Topic: JokesLaughing is good for soul. We added this section to follow this moto. Share and enjoy some good jokes here. Fell free to add some according to your tatse.

Your Avatars

Topic: AvatarsYou always wanted to add your own avatar ? Yes you can do it. As a signed member you can change your avatra anytime. Try it today.

Click at 'YOUR ACCOUNT' and look for 'UPLOAD AVATAR' in your profile and have fun.

Your Small Advertisements

Topic: Small AdvertisementWe have added a new section for your comfort. You want to sale or buy some things. Look out at our site, make your own Garage's Sale on this site.
Choose from the Main Menu the choice Y. Advertisements and look for the category that suit you


Topic: POETRYWelcome to our love poetry area, where poets and poetry lovers can find the perfect ways to express their thoughts and feelings!
Please submitt your poem under suitable category.
Please respect the rights of the author and poet/poetess in Poetry. You are responsible for any thing your'r typing here.

Any question, wish or suggestion ? ask Nancy, she is Moderator of this area

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