WHAT is Fanatish

Forum Well in Word-Gaem at this site i have been asked what is Fanatish.


a) www.serconet.com/usr/amiga/

b) rei.driger.net/fanlisting.php

c) www.goodar.com/n1290.html

d) www.goodar.com/n792.html
There are lot of people who have lack of educational establishment. Thanks God , at the aera of INternet we are able to ask them to fullfill their this Lack via searching machines. lol
Anyway.. Point of this artivle is: If you don't know what a word realy ment is, just look for this word in Search enguine and you may get a chance to find this word and you can avoid thinking Geez what a stupi butt he/she is.

Here are some lines i foundout what fanatish is:When someone Oh well before i forget, i have to accept i am blonde too... :)

... It's "GENITALT" as a friend of mine wood say!!! (I copied the idé and then invented
the word FANATISKT, FANATISH in as it would be in English...). Sooo... ...

So, you wanna express your fanatish for Rei? You're the right place! Please
choose your destination: Así que, quieres expresar tu fanatismo por Rei? ...
rei.driger.net/fanlisting.php - 3k - Im Cache - Ähnliche Seiten

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hostile commonly there dundee forestere fanatish left barn each pills ...

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WHAT is Fanatish

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  1. nopicBatts33 writes on 30/06/2004 02:17
    Brad...dear sweet Brad...I am not lacking education, as a matter of fact I do believe I graduated High School in the top 5% of my class. :) And miracles of miracles, even have some college education. However, the word fanatish was lacking from any of the vocabulary that I was taught. I can say you keep things challenging for us :)
  2. nopicAnnie writes on 29/06/2004 19:37
    Thank you Brad, for this post. Being blonde, I had no clue I was stupid. I will study the dictionary nightly so that I never make the mistake of asking the meaning of a word I did not know. I mean, how DARE me not know every single word there ever was, especially ones I don't use on a daily basis. I will do that for you Brad, so that you dont have to take the time to make a post instead of just nicely answering an im. Thank you for your long, drawn out explanation. It has definatley put things into a new light! Your humble blonde student, Annie:)




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