Have you ever bounced on a trampolin as a child??...

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"Children seem to instinctively know that the 'bounce-ability' of a bed or couch has health giving benefits. Just like the bounce-able bed, rebound exercise uses three natural forces, gravity, acceleration and deceleration to strengthen and cleanse every cell of the body, all at the same time. Think about that . . every cell, not just certain muscles, get stronger and toxins are removed from everywhere simultaneously. Now, what other form of exercise can do that? " Linda Brooks, certified reboundologist
The miracle of rebound exercise was first discovered by Albert Carter in 1977 and confirmed by Kenneth Cooper's Institute of Aerobic Research. Scientists at NASA, the American National Aeronautics and Space Administration conducted controlled research and confirmed it to be "the most effective exercise yet devised by man." It is 68% more effective than jogging, but minus the shock and damaging effects on the joints and back.

You may be wondering why such a simple exercise can be so effective. With every gentle bounce, all 75 trillion cells of the body are pitted against gravity, acceleration and deceleration. This interaction strengthens and cleanse every cell while saving strain on muscles and joints. As all the cells in your body become stronger and healthy, you naturally become healthy too.

The rebounding action also activates the lymphatic flow and enhances the immune system which is vital for defense against foreign bacteria, viruses and malignant or cancerous cells. Bouncing on a well-built devise like the Needak Probounder 2000 will not hurt your joints or back as the special springs absorb 90% of the shock. In fact, rebounding stimulates regeneration and help your body to heal and remain young.

Since 1977 thousands of users around the world had experienced one or more of the following therapeutic effects by using the Needak Probounder 2000 that Carter designed with a team of engineers:
• Improves vision
• Improves balance, coordination, dexterity and endurance (enhances sports performance)
• Lowers cholesterol and triglycerides
• Tones muscles, supports glandular system
• Improves conditions related to arthritis, cancer, osteoporosis and other degenerative diseases
• Improves varicose vein and bladder control
• Improves memory, learning abilities and enhance alpha states for better programming
• Improves sagging and wrinkling of skin
• Increase metabolism and burns more calories

Unlike other exercises which target only certain sets of muscles, aerobic rebounding is a whole-body exercise. It builds up every cell and muscle, including cells of the brain, eyes, internal organs, tissues, ligaments and bones. After bouncing 5 weeks for 15 minutes, twice a day, I experienced a healing of my once-broken right ankle bones that had been aching for 20 years.

Rebounding may just be the answer to your health or exercise programme. Five to 15 minutes 2 to 3 times a day, will keep you healthy and fit. No outfit is needed. Just step on and enjoy. The rebounder is being used successfully in the training of Olympic athletes and sportsmen. So whatever game you take, it will enhance and carry you to a higher level of performance.

About 20 years ago, the Hong Kong Government invited Albert Carter to show its police force and firemen how to keep fit at their work-place using rebound exercise. A team of engineers were assigned to him and they came up with the best design ever that came to be known as the Probounder 2000. The Hong Kong government purchased 20,000 units.

The amazing benefits of rebound exercise has been proven by researches and thousands of users in schools, gyms, hospitals, rehab centres, homes, offices, factories and even board rooms around the world. Indeed it is being recognised by health professionals as the bottom line for health and fitness. It is the Ultimate exercise today and of the of the future.

Have you ever bounced on a trampolin as a child??...

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  1. nopicSree writes on 21/02/2005 06:20
    That was wonderfull article, i never knew that a trampoline would mean so much!! Good research work!! and how are you? Sree
  2. nopicKathy writes on 13/01/2005 08:08
    yes thats right... it is fun :)
  3. nopicSofia writes on 12/01/2005 23:07
    very interesting Kathy...thanks for sharing it....another good reason is that it simply makes you feel like a kid again. You can't help but to feel good after bouncing around for a while......:)




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