My Wishes Why you guys are so lazy ?
Well here are some lines and thoughts in my minds, i wanted to get rid of. I think as beeing a honest person, i should also let you know, how i feel when i am working on this site and adding features and updating site with more interresting adds.

Since we started this site, i keep on adding and updating this site with more features to make this site interresting for all of us. It not easy for me to do these beside my job , other commercial work i do as part time and my hobbies.

No doubt i have also some fun in programming and seeing the results working properly without any errors. And exactly here is my point: I don't get any echo back from you and this realy disappointed me in past and make me think i am working or running a DEAD SITE.

Everyone who do some job, want to see the results and like to know how other people like his/her job. Is this interresting for others too or it needed to be modify to get more effective and interresting results? This is what i am exactly missing from you.

Every feature or link i am adding to this site has COMMENTS AREA and POLL-BLOCK . You guys just need to give your COMMENTS and POLL for this feature. This make this site looking more living and (very important for me) i get a FEEDBACK, you guys are active and giving me your feedback. This would give also make my impresseion disapear, that i am working on a DEAD SITE.

I don't have any problem, reading negative or positive comments about my work or features i am adding to this site. I would rather accept a subjective criticism then a fake praising (Brownnosing). Fell free to comment any thing you like or not.

Whenever i am updating or adding a new feature to this site, you can see it at this News Block, i would like to know, what you guys think about it,
- Do we need to keep this feature further active or remove it ?
- Your opinion about it (positive or negative)
- and your ideas and suggestion (if any)
- use Poll funktion to vote about this feature.

I hope you guys have understanding for my these thoughts and would give your acceptance.




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  1. nopicBatts33 writes on 26/08/2004 21:54
    Brad...I am so very sorry...i promise i will make the time to let you know what I think about everything. We very much appreciate and love this site and we all see everyday how much effort and work u put into it. Hugsssssssssssssssssssss
  2. nopicKathy writes on 25/08/2004 14:22
    I agree with Annie:-) mach nur die Schrift größer, das kann doch kein Mensch lesen so klein wie das
  3. nopicAnnie writes on 25/08/2004 14:13
    Brad, We love you and thank you for your hard work. I will make more of an effort to add more to the site. Lately it is very hard for me because I have so much going on in my personal life and at work. Please do not feel this is a DEAD SITE, as I look forward to coming here each day as I have time. Hang in there with us and things will pick up. Annie




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