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POETRY This time i thought to pick a song of some New-Age Band. I am talking about Evanescence
Small Introduction

Evanescence is Amy Lee with her enchantingly powerful vocals, Ben Moody and John LeCompt with their rythmically enthralling guitar riffs, and Rocky Gray with his precise overpowering drums. If you weren't lucky enough to hear of them earlier, you probably have heard Bring Me To Life from the Daredevil Soundtrack.

They are a little rock band from Little Rock, Arkansas who managed to put together a breathtaking sound that cannot fully be described.

The Song

Personally, this is my most favorite Evanescence song of all time. In words, I cannot sum this song up, nor how much it means to me. This song was actually worked on when Ben and Amy first met and has grown into something gigantic. Everytime I listen to this song, especially the band version, it just captures me from the first note all the way to the last chord and in-between I can really feel what Amy's feeling. In the video for this song, there was no need for acting from anyone, the emotions' you see are real because the Ben and Amy breakup happened in October. The same time Ben left the band. I think that the video came out sometime after this.
I don't think anyone will ever be able to escape this song. Its beauty, its emotion, its inspiration, its wonder and its power will forever be with and haunt all who listens to this amazing song. As i heard this song first time, it really shook me up and sent chills down my spine
I hope you guys like that too and i would apericiate any review from you.
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Song Of The Week

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  1. nopicAnnie writes on 30/07/2004 14:48
    Brad, just wanted to let you know... I appreciate the time and effort you take to give us a song of the week. So far, you have used some of my very favorite songs!!




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