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A general web portal that explores the idea that the web can be a space in which knowledge, point of views, fun, music and otherwise, is produced and not simply posted or diffused. It will achieve this through a general point of view about music, games, pics, poetry, jokes, recieps, games and our interactive forum with related debates generated by our open web portal where YOU and other members are be invited to participate.
As a new user please register yourself to explore our world. Its easy and take only few seconds to sign. Our site will continue to evolve on a regular basis (almost weekly). You will be able to follow us through our own brainstorming and design evolution for this portal. You are welcome to inform us your comments, suggestions, and/or send us your own articles, reviews, syllabus, musical expectations, or other "thought" that you believe will be a "must have" for our potal. Thanks again and now have fun. Forum & Portal Team
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