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Rhine river map with 30 Rhine castles The most beautiful part of the Rhine with its numerous romantic castles, between Wiesbaden, Ruedesheim and Koblenz
Koblenz on Rhein and Mosel

Castle Stolzenfels

Rhens and   King chair

Boppard, Castle Kurtrierische Burg and Roman excavations

Bad Salzig


St. Goar and Castle Rheinfels


Oberwesel and Castle Schonburg

Pfalz in the Rhine

Bacharach and Castle Stahleck

Rheindiebach and the ruins of Fort Furstenberg

Niederheimbach and  Castle Heimburg

Castle Sooneck

Trechtingshausen and Castle Reichenstein

Castle Rheinstein

Bingen on Rhein

Fortress Ehrenbreitstein

Lahnstein on Rhine and Lahn with Castle Lahneck

Braubach and Castle Marksburg

Kamp- Bornhofen, Castle Sterrenberg andcastle Liebenstein

Wellmich and Castle Maus

St. Goarshausen and Katz Castle


Kaub and Castle Gutenfels

Pfalz in the Rhine


Lorch and the ruins of Castle Nollig

Assmanns- hausen

Ehrenfels ruins

Rudesheim , Castle Bromserburg, Drosselgasse,  

Niederwald- Monument

Mouse Tower & Castle Klopp

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