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Here are some Security related sites those Theme gives usefull news and information. If you know of any other great security sites, tell me. I'll keep track of them here. I get a lot of links that I'd like to add but they don't fit into the theme of the list. So please make sure that the site you are sending are realy usefull and secure. Thank you for your cooperation.

Site Description
Trend Micro 1 Top Virus Security Info
Trend Micro 2 Top Virus Security Advisories
Trend Micro 1 Top Virus Security Info
Vunet Security Against Predators
Help Net Security  
Network Security Assurance Group Worldwide Data Security News
IT Toolbox Security Recent security news and other related security resources
Hideaway To Protect and Secure
NSAG Network Security Assurance Group
Yahoo Hackers
Network World Fusion Latest Network World News
AntiOnline Security Discussion Forums
Top 50 Hacker Sites Underground Juvenile Sites
Slash Dot News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters.
Trend Micro Current Security Alerts
Bugtraq Great security reading. Many professionals swear by this list as their main source of security news.
Packet Storm Great Security Site
Security Pointer Computer Security Privacy and Tools
Official Port List The port list as standardized by IANA
Security Search Security Search Engine
Cert Org Computer Emergency Response Team
GRC Sucks  
Privacy Page Privacy News
IWS The Information Warfare Site
SecurityUnit.Com Security News
Black Watch Lab - Vulnerabilities Good list of Discovered Vulnerabilities
OSSR Open System Security Resources
Neworder The resource for people to help avoid being hacked
Security Search Latest Vulnerabilities
Infowar Hacker Sitings and News
SecuriTeam News
CSIRT Incident Notes Documented instances of security breaches
Sam Spade A page of web tools for investigating Internet addresses and URLs
Denial of Service Help Desk Offering help to those who are currently under attack
Computerworld News Headlines Computerworld Security News
NMAP Port List The largest port list we have
Hacker Ports A list of common ports that Hackers like to probe
News Now Internet Crime
MSNBC Hacks Attacks and Scams
News Forge Security Topics
F-Secure Headlines F-Secure Latest Virus and Security News
X-Force Security database search
Infosyssec Alta Secure The Security Portal for Information System Security Professionals
SNP Security News Portal
Zdnet Tech News  
USSR Underground Security Systems Research
Linux Linux Center for Security
NMAP -- The Network Mapper Home page for nmap
Cyber Criminals Most Wanted Site dedicated to Internet Crime Prevention
CSIRT Computer Security Incident Response Team
NT ToolBox The Only NT Bookmark You'll Ever Need
Compromise FAQ What to do when your computer is hacked
World Wide Web Security Lots of WWW Security Faqs and resources
Info Security News Service
Info Security Security News
Welcome to Scott Schnoll's Internet Explorer Security Center Great site about Internet Explorer Web Browser Security issues

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